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Create and organize courses or subjects

Manage students, materials, assignments, posts, feed and many more.

Unlimited & Secure storage of materials, notes

Organize and publish your proprietary materials accordingly with unlimited storage

Mobile Apps (Android + iOS)

Available on both Android and iOS store

Peer-to-Peer Groups

Easy interactions within individual groups with managing, material sharing, feed and many more.


In-built push notifications are enabled for all users

Customer Support

We are available and provide support through email and phone.

Email Email, Phone
SMS, WhatsApp Integration

Connect with your user group in their favourite SMS and WhatsApp messaging app across any mobile OS, device, and carrier.

Integration with SIS, Bio metric or Existing tools

Can be customized and integrated with SIS, Biometric and if any existing tools, so attendance and leaves can be recorded within Byndr enterprise application


Customizations can be done according to your specific requirements

Admin, Parents Portal

Dashboard for admin and parent roles

Free for Teachers & Students

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